Affiliate Program

Achieve a win-win situation for both you and your audience by joining our Affiliate Program. 
Earn commission for every successful referral sale you make us
NO minimum social media following restriction 


How Our Affiliate Program Works 

1. You promote Lacheel X Collection on your social platforms or website

2. Potential customers click on your affiliate link or use your discount code at checkout 

3. You receive commission for the referred sale

Your Benefits

1. Earn 5% commission for each successful referred sale you send us

2. Earn extra cash monthly just from referring potential customers to our company 

3. Receive rewards for your accomplishments in our program

Your Audience Benefits

1. They get to learn of a new company who has affordable and quality items available 

2. They get to build a long last relationship with a company they can trust and even come to love

3. They receives a discount off their first purchases with us